Thursday, March 8, 2007

Golden-Age Related Books for Comic Week 03-07-2007

Another week, another batch of comic books from DC Comics.

Disclaimer: These are the books DC has posted on their site as coming out on March 7, 2007. There is a slight chance that these books might not be at your local comic shop because, let's face it, DC has not been batting a thousand lately with getting their books out on time. This is not meant as a slam against DC, it's just how things have been for the past year or so.

I also claim no responsibility if your local comic shop sells out of the book if you wanted to buy it. Hold/Reserve boxes are your friend.

All-New Atom #9

Detective Comics #829

Fifty-Two #44

Helmet of Fate: Zauriel

Justice League of America #6

Manhunter #29

Nightwing #130

Nightwing: Brothers in Blood TPB

Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil #2

Superman/Batman #32

Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #8

Wow, Superman/Batman! It came out. It actually came out. Surprise heaped upon surprise.

Ok, I'll stop. DC seems to be trying. Maybe it's time to cut them some slack.

This is a rare week for me as I actually went to the comic shop on Wednesday. Usually I hit Titan Games and Comics on Thursday or Friday because of how my schedule works, but this was a weird week as far as that kind of thing goes, so I actually got to go on the day the books came out. Which was nice otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a copy of Captain America #25.

Yeah, I know, that's a Marvel book, but hey Cap's a Golden Age character and it was such a big deal that I had to get it.

Anyway, pretty solid week so far. 52 #44 was amazing. Simply amazing. I can't say enough how much I enjoyed it. Justice League of America #6 and Superman/Batman #32 were both great reads as well, especially Justice League which had a really sad ending. I'm reviewing both books for the Superman Homepage this week, so look for that on Monday or Tuesday. Manhunter #29 was great. I am so glad that the book is getting another chance. I'm looking forward to getting to Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. It started out kind of fifty/fifty for me but the last two issues have really sold me on the concept and I'm looking forward to the next mini-series when it comes out.

So go. Buy comics. Have fun. Mourn Steve Rogers.

I mean they'll bring him back, but for now give the guy his due.

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