Thursday, March 15, 2007

Golden-Age Related Books for Comic Week 03-14-2007

Yes, it's that time of the week again. The new comics are out. Here are the ones I think are important.

Another week, another batch of comic books from DC Comics.Disclaimer: These are the books DC has posted on their site as coming out on March 14 2007. There is a slight chance that these books might not be at your local comic shop because, let's face it, DC has not been batting a thousand lately with getting their books out on time. This is not meant as a slam against DC, it's just how things have been for the past year or so.

I also claim no responsibility if your local comic shop sells out of the book if you wanted to buy it. Hold/Reserve boxes are your friend.

Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-Ups Vol. 2 TPB
Fifty-Two #45
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive TPB
Green Arrow #72
JLA Classified #36
Robin #160
Robin: Wanted TPB
Superman #660
Superman/Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told TPB
Tales of the Unexpected #6
Teen Titans #44
Wonder Woman #5

Kind of a light week actually. I mean it's kind of pricey if you buy all the trades but still, light week all around.

So what's on the schedule this week? Did Crisis on Multiple Earths: The Team-Ups Vol. 2 come out? I didn't see it in my box nor at Titan Games and Comics. If it came out I need to get it.

Superman #660 came out to as DC gets that line caught up. If you are inclined to listen to such things I will be reviewing this book for the Superman Database podcast, which should come out on Sunday. Download and listen to my "dulcit" tones as I talk up this latest issue of Superman.

How's that for a plug? I mean I'm reviewing JLA Classified #36 for the Superman Homepage (which should be up on Monday) as well, just in case you were interested.

Wonder Woman #5 comes out. This is so freaking weird. I mean really freaking weird. This issues doesn't wrap up the storyline that has been running through the past four issues, but is, in fact, a fill in before the whole Amazon Attacks stuff starts to come down the pike. The only time I've ever seen a storyline not get resolved like this was New Universe's Nightmask. Let's hope it doesn't take twenty years for that story to finish, though with the Dodsons you never can tell.

And I will throw down my bulls#$% card for the week and say while it wasn't all that bad I don't think that Superman/Batman Annual #1 is one of the greatest Superman/Batman stories ever told.

So, DC plays catch up and releases a bunch of trades. Weird week.


Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the story originally slated for WW #5 will appear as #11. Or possibly an annual. It is to be double-sized, or something (strange, given that they couldn't manage to ship a single-sized issue on time). It is also pretty clear that Heinberg is responsible for the delay (he has admitted this himself- the Dodsons are already working on other projects).

BTW, just ran across your site. I picked up the complete late-70's JSA (All-Star Comics and Adventure Comics), All-Star Squadron, Infinity, Inc. and Young All-Stars a while back and was happy that I've made it far enough in to All-Star Squadron (#34) to get the reference in your web site title :-) I'm loving all the earth two stuff, and I'll take JSA over JLA any time!

Michael Bailey said...

Always nice to hear from another JSA fan. I hope you liked the latest issue. I sure did.

Yeah, I should have mentioned Heinburg. Thanks for pointing that out.

I hope your enjoying going through your books. It's a great read.