Thursday, March 22, 2007

Update 03-21-2007: Almost Sick

I don't know if I am coming down with a cold or if my allergies are kicking in but I feel like crap right now. I almost "called in" for this week, but after seeing another comment I decided to keep to my schedule. If people are starting to check out this site/blog I want to keep it going along smoothly.

Still, feel like crap right now.

So this week I cover issue eight, which introduced one of my favorites members of the All-Star Squadron; Steel the Indestructible Man, soon to be called Commander Steel. I've read the first four issues of Steel's original series (for some reason issue five eluded me until recently) and it was one of the best books DC put out in the late eighties. Hopefully DC will reprint that series at some point.

In addition to that I have the usual Golden-Age Books for this week list. Light week, but issue four of Justice Society of America came out and it was really freaking good. I mean if that was the only book that DC put out this week that I buy I still would have been happy.

Until next week.

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