Monday, February 12, 2007

All-Star Sighting: Helmet of Fate: Sargon the Sorcerer #1

I've been surfing the Internet since 1998 and in that time I've been to a lot of sites centered around comic books and comic book characters. One of the constants I've seen, especially on sites relating to the more obscure characters or those who are not currently being published, is that if that character or team is mentioned in a current book than a post is made about it on the site. It's not a hard and fast rule, just one I've seen more than once.

So in keeping with the tradition if the All-Stars are mentioned in a new comic that comic will get a mention here.

The first of these "All-Star Sightings" is from Helmet of Fate: Sargon the Sorcerer #1, written by Steve Niles with art by Scott Hampton. I've been following this series of one-shots mainly because of the Dr. Fate connection but I've rather liked what has been presented thus far. This particular one-shot gave the origin of the new Sargon, but there was one panel that I not only surprised me but put a big ol' smile on my face.

Go ahead. Click on the picture to get a better look. It's why I have a Photobucket account.

Now what surprised me more than anything was the fact that the All-Stars got mentioned at all. My take on the current attitude at DC is that they are wanting to move forward instead of looking back, which is why the current Justice Society contains new versions of older characters and even this book introduced the next generation of a Golden-Age dynasty. So the mention actually means something, which is always good.

If I spot any more of these I'll let you know. And if you see any that I miss just let me know. That's what the e-mail address is for.

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