Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well Yes, I'll Take Three

Once again I get to be a standard comic book site and talk about references to my subject that are made elsewhere on the Internet. This one comes from Newsarama as part of their coverage of the New York City Con.

And I quote:

"Asked about All Star Squadron trades, Bob Wayne seemed to suggest that, based on audience response, they think they can do some large Showcase collections of the material."

As the subject of this post suggest, yes please. I'll take three.

I would prefer full color, but I'll take what I can get.


felgekarp said...

Maybe they'll get round to some Infinity Inc trades at some point as well.

Michael Bailey said...

One could only hope. I wonder how well the Power Girl, Huntress and two Justice Society trades have done.

But it would be nice to get a couple of All-Star Squadron trades going because that could easily lead into an Infinity trade.

Of course that also brings up the question if a few issues of All-Star are going to be included in the volume of the JLA/JSA meetings that involved the series.

Only time will tell.

Thanks for commenting by the way. I believe you are the first.

Jeff said...

I was at the NYCC panel, and I think the Newsarama report misrepresents Bob Wayne's remarks. Wayne asked about both regular (color) trades and Showcase editions, and got noticably more (but not overwhelming) applause for regular trades. He then made a remark like "OK, do them in color" (paraphrased) but I got the impression that he was hoping for a better response to the Showcase idea.

felgekarp said...

I think there's going to be another trade of the team ups before we get to the JLA/JSA/Squadron team up and I don't see how they can reprint the story without those squadron issues. I only really brought up Infinity Inc because I don't have any issues of that series, which would go nicely with my full run of Squadron and Young All Stars.

Keep up the good work on the site.

Michael Bailey said...


Just listened to the podcast of that panel and totally agree with you. He probably wanted to do a Showcase, but the people want it in color.

I just want the trade out there. It might get people interested in the group and get more traffic for this blog.

Jeff said...

They probably have to sell fewer copies of the Showcase trades to make a profit, and let's face it this is probably a niche product. I'll take whatever I can get, so hopefully audiences at other conventions (I'm sure it wasn't the first or last time Wayne has brought it up) will be more enthusiastic.