Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Golden-Age Related Books for Comic Week 02-07-2007

I'm announcing a new feature here at The Perisphere. Every Wednesday I will post a list of the Golden Age related books and trades that DC is putting out on that particular week. It seems like it would be kind of fun and give me something to add to this blog/site.

So what constitutes a Golden-Age character? Well, if a character or a version of that character was published in the Golden Age then it gets a mention whether it's the character or team itself or it's a legacy character. The tie may be tenuous, but hey it's my blog so I get to dictate the terms.

I'm a benevolent dictator though, so I'll keep a free press and give out easy cheese and chicken in a biscuit on a weekly basis to every man, woman and child because there is nothing quite as good on this Earth as easy cheese and chicken in a biscuit.

I may throw in some commentary as the mood strikes me as well.

Warning; the books listed here are most likely coming out. They've been announced and posted to various sources, including DC's own site. There is a chance, however, that a book listed here will not be at the comic shop when you get there because it didn't ship, so keep that in mind.

If the book sold out before you got there, well there isn't a whole heck of a lot I can do about that.

And here we go:

Pretty decent week from the look of it. I'm particularly looking for to Action Comics Annual #10, Justice Society Vol. 2, Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil #1 and Superman Chronicles Volume 2. I like the fact that DC is bringing back their annuals and having them have stories that matter instead of having it be part of some ill conceived crossover or poorly thought out theme. Sure the Elseworlds summer produced some neat stories as did Year One but I don't think that made up for Bloodlines or Legends of the Dead Earth.

I kind of dug JLApe. But maybe that's just me.

As much as I am enjoying Trials of Shazam I have to say that Jeff Smith's Captain Marvel story looks pretty neat. Some of the first comics I read were Superman and Batman stories from the Golden-Age, so the second volume of the Superman Chronicles is also a lock.

And I have to personally thank whoever green lit the Justice Society trades. Not only were they great stories (and this volume reprints the issues from when the series was really getting good) but now I don't have to dig into my back issues.

Plus the cover is really freaking sweet.


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