Monday, February 12, 2007

Update 02-12-2007: Hey, I Did It Again

Amazingly I managed to get a post up on time. This is two weeks in a row, a new record.

Nothing to be proud of but a new record nonetheless.

So this week we have Issue 3, which ends the series' first story arc. I believe the All-Stars are one of the few teams that had an origin they couldn't remember. Still everything wrapped up nicely and thus a super team was born.

In terms of the site, well I think I have finally solved my Who's Who dilemma. Instead of merely copying what DC and other sources have done I settled on a format I liked.

What new format, you ask?

Well, I thought it would be easier to do entries on the members and villains as they come along and update them as the series progresses. I'm doing this for two reasons the first being that I am indexing the issues as I re-read them, so I'm not working from the standpoint of knowing absolutely everything ahead of time. With this format everything will be in synch. The Who's Who entries will reflect the index entries, which I think will work out just fine.

The second reason is that I want the content of this site (the indexes and so on) to be written by me. I know I'm working with material created by those with much more talent than I have, but at least with the "original" Who's Who entries I'll feel like more than a mere typist. Maybe down the road I'll type up the DC stuff just for the sake of being thorough, but for now it's all me, baby.

So look for those in the coming weeks. Once I get them up you'll be able to get to them either by looking at the control panel to the right or by clicking on the character's name in the index entries.

That's it for this week. See you on Wednesday with the Golden Age Related Books Comic Week 02-14-07 update.

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