Monday, February 5, 2007

Update 02-05-2007: Things Slowly Go Back to Normal

So the wife is doing better and things are, as the title to this post suggests, slowly going back to normal. I had started the index to issue two before the accident and finally got around to finishing that and then cleaning it up. So that issue is up and if all goes well I'm back on a schedule.

There have been a few changes to the blog. I've altered the look a bit and that is still a work in progress. Also I added a house ad that DC ran mentioning the All-Star Squadron to the index for Issue 0 since the ad appeared in that issue of Justice League of America. Yeah it's thin but I'm trying to be complete about this. Also I added a new feature to the notes section showcasing the Hostess ads that DC ran for years back in the day. Why? Because I thought it would be amusing, that's why.

So hopefully this is the start of regular, weekly updates.

Unless something else happens.

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